Speeding Tickets

Representation For Any Traffic Violation

When you are convicted of speeding or another traffic violation, there are three different ways that you will be punished.

  1. First, the court will order that you pay a fine and the costs of court. Currently, court costs are $125. Fines are generally within the discretion of the trial judge.
  2. Second, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will assess points against your driver’s license if you are licensed by North Carolina. These points vary by offense.
  3. Third, potentially most devastating and certainly most expensive, your insurance carrier will assess you insurance points.

Understanding Insurance Points

Following is a chart displaying the rate of increase in your insurance premiums based on points for a traffic conviction:

Points Percentage increase Increase if basic rate is $300
1 25% $375
2 45% $435
3 65% $495
4 90% $570
5 120% $660
6 150% $750
7 180% $840
8 220% $960
9 260% $1,080
10 300% $1,200
11 350% $1,350
12 400% $1,500

Even if you have never had a traffic conviction in the past, a conviction of speeding 70 mph in a 55-mph zone (a two-point insurance offense) will result in a 45 percent increase in your insurance premiums. If you have never had any traffic conviction in the past, a conviction of speeding in excess of 80 mph in a 70-mph zone (a four-point insurance offense) will result in a 90 percent increase in your insurance premiums. A conviction of driving while license revoked (DWLR) is an eight-point insurance offense.

Experienced Wilson Traffic Court Attorney

I am Michael Murphy, a Rocky Mount lawyer with more than 30 years of legal experience. As your attorney, I will handle all aspects of your speeding violations. Often I am able to attend court on your behalf and advocate for having the ticket reduced to a nonmoving violation. This includes cases involving commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) as well as other traffic violations.

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